Project Philosophy

From planning to implementation

Our work begins far in advance of the actual ordering of the required medical technology. We are often called in during the early phases of the planning process of new construction projects for individual clinics, and are therefore able to improve the planning security of our clients throughout the entire project.

However, even if it "merely" involves the procurement of products from a selection of manufacturers and coordinated delivery within the framework of a conversion or modernisation project, the experience we have accumulated from more than 200 client projects provides genuine added value.

You can depend on reliable delivery of goods and equipment ordered according to your own schedule. Anyone who has ever had to bear the responsibility for a procurement project understands the magnitude of this advantage.

In the field of direct handling of goods, our expertise lies in placing orders with manufacturers to precisely match production lead times and delivery to our clients. We are able to buffer stock in our own warehousing facility to eliminate chronological differences making us independent of suppliers.

In the interests of our clients, we place great value in reducing the storage times of goods in our warehouse to an absolute minimum. This may sound simple, yet in reality the opposite is the case. It requires years of experience, specialised knowledge and the requisite connections. But then, this is the reason we are here.

Specialist fields in which our expertise is brought to bear

With more than 20 years experience, and over 200 completed projects to look back on, we not only provide in-depth knowledge of the market, but are also in a position to make competent product recommendations in related fields. We are not tied to specific brands, and are able to apply our knowledge of the strengths of specific products in the interests of our clients, regardless of the source. This gives our clients a significant edge over suppliers bound to a particular manufacturer.

Efficient operation theatres For economic operating procedures in health care

Secure the future of your hospital with optimized technical equipment for your operating theatres. We plan and deliver all the necessary technical equipment, up to and including the most sophisticated systems for the future. Perfect provision for the patient and well-planned operating procedures support efficiency, as well as economic work. You may rely on our experience from international TURNKEY PROJECTS.

Intensive care and modern equipment for the wards–With the highest possible comfort for patients and staff.

We fulfill your most exacting demands for intensive care units and in-patient wards. Optimized technical outfitting and furniture systems facilitate intensive patient monitoring and treatment. Colours and shapes support the recovery process and the physical well-being of your patients. Patient rooms designed sensibly in both space and function guarantee safe operative and economic hospital procedures. Medical staff are perfectly supported in technical and logistical aspects. This facilitates work and procedures to a not-inconsiderable degree.

Another plus for.......


ACENDIS Database Medical Technology from A - Z... ACENDIS, HEINEN + Löwenstein, SCHILLER and more...

Medical technology all over the world is extremely extensive, diverse and interdisciplinary. It is virtually impossible for investors, hospital operators and purchasing departments to have an overview of this vast market. What is new? What topics are of interest? How are costs developing?

The ACENDIS database covers all important products in every field of medical technology. Our experts will assemble the right products tailor-made to your requirements, with due consideration for both the medical and economic aspects. This is the prerequisite to trouble-free deployment in medical facilities.

Extensive experience in the logistics of medical equipment

The procurement of equipment alone does not secure the success of a project. It is the delivery of that equipment to the client at the right time which makes the difference. Satisfied customers around the world – that is our reference. Those who satisfy the needs and expectations of their clients – are those who will continue to enjoy success in the future.

For your success, we rely on trust, partnership and expert knowledge. Many successful projects, only a few of which can be mentioned here, can vouch for our philosophy.

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