The ACENDIS corporate headquarters is located in the heart of Europe, home to global leaders in medical technology. Our proximity to major manufacturers has made it possible for us to establish especially strong links, which we are able to make available to our clients by way of knowledge transfer and procurement streamlining.

Our particular connections with the Turkish market and the Middle East have resulted in an increase in the development of global projects by ACENDIS. We have recently gained access to the African and Arabic market. We are stepping up our activities in China, as well.

The experience we have gathered over the past 20 years puts us in a position to confidently organise and implement sophisticated procurement projects in medical technology for private clinic and hospital operators on an international scale. And it is here that we are able to take full advantage of our organisational and procurement knowledge „Made in Germany“.

The Strength of your Performance is the Partner you choose!

Project Management - Only a careful planning of the equipment can ensure that your project will master the requirements of the future, too. You will receive extensive, competent and fast advice.

Financial consulting - It is offered by the headquarters of our company in Germany in cooperation with German and international renowned banking institutions e.g. Commerzbank AG, Landesbank Baden-Württemberg and ING together with Hermes insurance.

Planning of the equipment - The equipment will be compiled exclusively for your specific needs within a short time. We give highest priority to the dependability and profitability of our devices.

Purchasing of the equipment - We cooperate with the leading national and international manufacturers

Installation - We coordinate our activities with the construction firm. So we enable our specialists to do all the installations corresponding to the building's progress

Training - We will train your staff extensively to operate the installed equipement. Individual training on selected devices can be arranged upon request directly at the manufacturers.

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